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Package: Demystifying T&F Recruiting + Timeline

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This information has saved families thousands of dollars and countless hours. This is the most valuable packaged education you can receive about the unique T&F recruiting process. Over an hour of content directly from a former NCAA D1 T&F coach. Grow your college opportunities and ability to choose the best fit by understanding the ins and outs of what really goes on in the world of recruiting and being a collegiate T&F athlete. Completing this course also allows access to a limited paid service of one-on-one consulting. Topics Covered: 1) In-depth look of what actually impacts your college choice and experience: Athletically, Academically, Financially, & Socially. 2) How athletes provide value to college programs. 3) How coaches' evaluate an athlete's performance potential. 4) Understanding of T&F scholarships. 5) Breakdown of ways to increase opportunities: Performance Potential, Online Presence, Initiating the Process, Being Open Minded, Staying Engaged, and Limiting Red Flags. 6) Recruiting Timeline: What athletes should and should not do, what college coaches are prioritizing, and how NCAA rules impact actions through each phase of the process.

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